As a local government agency, you need a social media management company that specializes in the public sector

Social media can be a powerful tool, but managing a program for local government requires a unique strategy that differs from what's expected for business. For example, with approximately 20 percent of the population estimated to have a disability, government agencies have an obligation to ensure that their messages, services and products are as inclusive as possible—including social media. Governments are also subject to privacy laws and archiving requirements that must be followed.

Engage Your Audience

Creating custom, engaging posts takes planning, time, effort and creativity. Below are examples of posts designed to inform and interact with your residents. 


Increase satisfaction among constituents

Government agencies already have a negative stigma attached to their customer service. All too often, people see government as an ubiquitous blob of systems and processes. Social media gives local government agencies the opportunity to engage with their community and break the “faceless government” stereotype. Organizations that use social media to engage with constituents in a personal way, while mixing in vital information about city services, see an increase in satisfaction among community members. But the key is responsiveness; one of the worst things you can do when people are trying to engage is to appear unresponsive. 

Manage expectations with limited resources

We understand the nature of local government. Citizens expect their local government to be open, accessible, and engaging on social media, but many organizations are struggling just to provide basic services with limited resources. For many agencies, dedicating a full-time staff member to managing and analyzing digital communications is just not feasible.  That’s where we can help.

CIVICSavvy is uniquely positioned to specialize in local government social media management

With years of experience working in the public sector, we know how to tell your story while building relationships and providing meaningful opportunities to engage. We will work with your staff to capture the attention of your constituents and increase responsiveness to comments and concerns.


  • Manage profile - friend & follow, like and share posts

  • Monitor all platforms and respond to comments and inquiries

  • Connect with other pages, communities and users to promote increased visibility


  • Work with your team to create a customized monthly editorial calendar, to be supplemented with more time-sensitive information and alerts

  • Curate and create custom visual assets to increase engagement

  • Draft copy and post content with an eye towards what works best on each platform


  • Custom social media activity report, with in-depth analysis of what topics and types of posts draw the most interest

  • Use of social listening to monitor public sentiment about new policies, events or initiatives