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We're pleased to announce our 2019 Social Media Webinar Series. The series will cover a wide range of social media topics for elected officials and local government agencies interested in maximizing their social media presence. 

High Impact Social Media Strategies for Elected Officials
While simply getting your voice out there is a good first step — especially if you're short on time and resources — you want to make sure that everything you are posting on social media is worth the effort you are putting into it. In this webinar we break down 7 strategies that will help to capture the minds and hearts of your constituents. View the recording here.

Ignore or Respond? Tips for Dealing with Trolls and Haters
Have you received a not-so-nice comment on your social media post? We know, it sucks. Left unaddressed, nasty comments can damage your or your agency’s reputation. But when you know how to deal with complaints effectively, you will take the wind out of your disgruntled residents’ sails while showing the rest of your followers that you care enough to respond to all constituents. View the recording here.

High-Impact Social Media Strategies for #LocalGov Agencies

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in your communications arsenal. If you use it correctly, you can create a strong personal connection while educating and informing your community. In this webinar we break down 7 strategies that will help form connections and get results. View the recording here.


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Using Social Media to Transform Your Political Campaign
Facebook posts are the new campaign pins, tweets are the new handshakes, and Instagram images are the new billboards. With social media sites often getting more traffic than an official campaign website, it’s important for candidates to get connected. Learn how other political candidates are using social media to expand their audience and increase support. 

Making Personal Connections Through Social Media
Social Media is a place for camaraderie and a shared sense of mission, which makes it important for local government leaders to engage their audiences in ways that help foster meaningful relationships. But how do you do that with limited time? Learn quick tips for forming meaningful relationships with community members and better connect with your audience through social media.


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