Tools for Creating Videos without Hiring a Professional

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Visuals are key to drawing in social media users. With videos, you can increase views and engagement, and there’s a whole lot research pointing to why video is dominating social media.  

Videos are shared more that text, but you don’t need to break the bank to produce them. There are a number of tools out there to help you create video content without hiring a professional. 


Biteable. The site is super user-friendly. When you create a free account, it asks you questions about they type of content you want to create and where you’ll share it. If you want promote a service or explain how to do something, Biteable has templates for that. You can use scenes it provides and add your own text or upload footage you’ve recorded yourself. Customize colors, add music, preview the final product and you’re set!



Magistro. This site also has a free version. It lets you upload your own media and choose an “editing style” with themes. If you upgrade to a paid version, you’ll have access to more styles. You can link it to your Google account and access media you’ve saved there, or simply drag and drop files you want to use onto the site. It’s easy to share videos of this site. Once the video is complete, you and copy and paste an embed code ro simply click on which social platform you’d like to export to.



Lumen5. Social videos are extremely popular right now. They’re short and specifically geared to platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Lumen5 extremely useful in turning text content into videos. It’s also conscious of how videos will look on smartphones.



No time for editing? Go live. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have live features, which will also let you save live videos once you’re done recording. These are great tools at your disposal, especially for quick, urgent announcements or information you know you can get out there in one take. Some agencies live-stream meetings and press conferences.

New to the video-creating world? Keep in mind these tips and guidelines:

Keep it short and sweet. Social media videos are meant to be quick and digestible. Aim for 30 to 60 seconds to get your point across, otherwise you’ll run the risk of your audience losing interest.

Be clear. Plan out what you what the video to convey before you start so that your messaging stays on track.

Pay attention to lighting. If you’re shooting your own content, make sure your subject is well-lit (i.e. avoid shadows on faces or reflections in eyeglasses).

Use text. Most video-editing apps, like the one mentioned above, allow you to use subtitles or add text to your videos. This way, people can get the point with or without the sound on!

Miranda Lutzow