Social media management isn't just about posting content. It's about optimizing accounts to be visually appealing, strategizing and executing campaigns, and analyzing data to determine the best performing content so clients can continue to grow their audience and meet their goals. CIVICSavvy provides a range of services in support of local government agencies and officials looking to better serve their constituents. 


Account Audit

Research and analyze community and current social media profile usage. Suggest modifications to existing social media presence to better engage your audience. Click here to request a FREE Social Media Audit Report. 


Strategy Development

Develop a holistic and effective social media strategy across multiple social media channels, including the identification of metrics for measuring performance.

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Profile Management

Create or modify existing social media presence to have visually appealing, aesthetic pages with high quality content.



Create professionally written content that is original, interesting, interactive, and visually appealing with an eye towards what works best on each platform. Curate/create assets, perform hashtag & keyword research. Draft, edit, and seek approval for monthly editorial calendar.


Engagement/Inquiry Management

Feedback/comment management, respond to requests for information, work with client or point of contact when personal attention needed.


Graphic Design

Design customized photos, original infographics, memes and other visual audience engagement assets for use in various social media channels.


Analytics & Reporting

Monthly reporting based on a series of benchmarks that are based on key performance indicators set out in social media strategic plan. 


Email Newsletters

Design custom HTML newsletter, working with client to identify content, develop layout and design, and create distribution list.


Blog Ghostwriting

Engaging 300-500 words posts, matched with professional photo, topics to be provided by client or researched based on keywords, topics or demographics outlined in strategy, posted to website and all accounts we manage.